21 December 2011

Weekly Report 13 Dec - 20 Dec, links and statistic

Yesterday was the 7th day of BetOnMarkets bot work. During these days bot did bets and worked almost 24 hours daily. How you know, balance was only $10,215.57 in the first day and he grows every day. The biggest daily profit was 17 Dec and was +$1,381.56 USD, the smallest profit was +$216.14. Not much, but still great, because all I did was watched as a balance grow. Average income for those days are $824.46 daily. Not bad, right? Most work was on the 25 Random market because he is more stable.
Total profit since 13 Dec to 20 Dec(full 7 days) is +$5,792.22, that is +56.7%. Current balance on the end of 20 Dec was $16,007.76(now he is little bigger, because bot still work). For just 7 days!!! Where you can make the same profit with absolutely automation??? Nowhere! Financial betting is a good chance to multiply your money! You dont need to sit near your computer and every minute think what you must do to win. BetOnMarkets bot will make all himself.
I do not sell anything, i do not call you to give me money. But if you want, you can do this, and you will not regret!

So, time to share some links:
My twitter with daily profit reports and short news.: @BomBomTrade
Profit chart #1: Link (same link you can see on the right sidebar)
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