21 December 2011

Weekly Report 13 Dec - 20 Dec, links and statistic

Yesterday was the 7th day of BetOnMarkets bot work. During these days bot did bets and worked almost 24 hours daily. How you know, balance was only $10,215.57 in the first day and he grows every day. The biggest daily profit was 17 Dec and was +$1,381.56 USD, the smallest profit was +$216.14. Not much, but still great, because all I did was watched as a balance grow. Average income for those days are $824.46 daily. Not bad, right? Most work was on the 25 Random market because he is more stable.
Total profit since 13 Dec to 20 Dec(full 7 days) is +$5,792.22, that is +56.7%. Current balance on the end of 20 Dec was $16,007.76(now he is little bigger, because bot still work). For just 7 days!!! Where you can make the same profit with absolutely automation??? Nowhere! Financial betting is a good chance to multiply your money! You dont need to sit near your computer and every minute think what you must do to win. BetOnMarkets bot will make all himself.
I do not sell anything, i do not call you to give me money. But if you want, you can do this, and you will not regret!

So, time to share some links:
My twitter with daily profit reports and short news.: @BomBomTrade
Profit chart #1: Link (same link you can see on the right sidebar)
My e-mail: 
If you have questions or want to talk about BetOnMarkets, financial betting, automation, bots, betting strategies, sun, water ;D etc, feel free to contact me!

16 December 2011

Back to work!

All changes was completed, work was resumed.
Little statistic:

Start 13 Dec with $10,215.57
14 Dec $11,206.07(+$990.53)
15 Dec $11,422.21(+$216.14)
16 Dec $12,523.46(+$1101.25)

15 December 2011

Pause in the work

Bot has been stopped for few experiments with formulas and code structure. Hope soon we will be back in work.

14 December 2011

Little Update

On the right sidebar you can see the "Profit chart #1" link. This is the chart of one of the BetOnMarkets account where bot trade. He was started 13 Dec 2011 with $10,215.57 on balance and will update daily(sometimes many times per day), so you can see updates and check the profit.
Financial betting is really awesome instrument to make money online, more much easy than forex or something else. And with full automatic trading bot you are free and can make anything else like drink tee, lie on the beach etc.

13 December 2011

BetOnMarkets bot presentation...

I think I will present my BetOnMarkets bot in January. I'm just very lazy. Bot works well and depending on the settings and risk managment brings 500-3,000 USD per day.

10 December 2011


Soon i will write here some information about my BetOnMerkets bot, trading statistic, contacts etc.